Best Seats in the Stadium - Fueling Station #2

Some play-by-play to fuel up your day.

For this issue fueled by Leilo, C.Y. Cheng shares his words of wisdom about having the best seats in the stadium. Check out what else we have in store to fuel up your day the right way.

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PRE-GAME FUEL from C.Y. Cheng, U-M Men's Soccer '22

For this week's Pre-Game Fuel, C.Y. Cheng shares how he went from sitting on the hard wooden bench to having the best seats in the stadium.

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"While I can dwell on forever that I sat on the bench for 99 percent of the games, the best seats in the stadium allowed me to learn the most and prepare myself for what's to come."

C.Y. Cheng


HALF-TIME SNACK fueled by Leilo - calm in a can

Looking for a drink to wind down post-workout or before bed?

Dubbed as “calm in a can,” Leilo is a ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic relaxing beverage made with kava root extract, the amino acid I-theanine and vitamin B6. These ingredients all have properties with effects that promote calm and relaxation in the mind and body.

Sol Broady, Leilo’s founder, discovered the powers of kava specifically while on a family trip in Fiji in 2018 and immediately knew he needed to share this native plant’s health benefits with everyone back in the States. Since then, Leilo has been on a mission to de-stress a stressed-out world.

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Joel Harrison

  • Major - Computer Science

  • Sport - Soccer

  • Current Position - Software Engineer, NETSCOUT

    • Writes software that Internet Service Providers use to protect their networks from large scale cyber attacks

  • Current Location - Vancouver, Canada

  • Favorite Snack - Blueberries 🫐

  • Talk to him about - Computer Science 🧑🏽‍💻, Canada 🇨🇦, Arsenal FC 🔴, BOTS 🤖

  • Reach out on LinkedIn!

"Looking for a U.S. green card so Bachelorettes please send me your resume!"

Joel Harrison


  1. Consultant: Market Strategy Analyst - Kaiser Permanente (REMOTE)

  2. P&G Employer Challenge - University Career Center (Ann Arbor, MI)

    1. The Procter & Gamble Employer Challenge is hosted by the University Career Center! Applications are being accepted through Sunday, January 22nd. APPLY NOW!

  3. Business Analyst Intern - Cisco (REMOTE)

    1. WHAT YOU’LL DO: As a Business Analyst Intern for Cisco you will develop creative solutions for real business challenges. You will collaborate on multi-functional projects to identify areas for improvement within Cisco. You will analyze internal processes, data, and problems and identify benefits from enabling new capabilities. Ultimately you will improve how Cisco operates and how we work together. 

    2. COMPENSATION: $26-$39 per hour