From your founders - Fueling Station #1

Some play-by-play to fuel up your day.

PRE-GAME FUEL from your founders

Welcome to the Fueling Station! We hope you all had a relaxing break and are staying warm in the Ann Arbor Arctic circle.

If you're a Michigan college athlete, “Fueling Station” probably makes you wonder how many snacks you could stuff into your Nike parka without Caroline finding out, but sorry to disappoint. We’re starting this college athletics newsletter for us to get to know other college athletes better, stay up to date with scores, bag those discounts and deals, and prepare for what’s next in your after-sports life. Pretty much everything you need in your mailbox. Sounds pretty nice, right?

2022 was a year to remember for our founding team - one of us got his first Sunday League start, one of us got drafted but said “bye Felicia”, two of us did the five-year plan, and the four of us decided to start something together - Fueling Station.

To get you fueled up in 5 minutes, we’ll have four main sections: Pre-Game Fuel, Game Time, Half-Time Snack, and Ice Tub. Click here to learn more about what each section is fueled up with. 

And like the coaches always say, every day is an opportunity to get better, and we’re looking for help. If you’re a current college athlete and would like to contribute an article, reach out! If you’re retired like us, let us know if you’re open to connecting with current college athletes. If you have any cool ideas, just shoot them our way!

- CY, Kevin, Raleigh, and Cam


HALF-TIME SNACK fueled by Oshki

Oshki was founded by Jackson Riegler, U-M '22,  whose father was on the football team in the 90s. Growing up near the shores of Lake Michigan, Jackson witnessed the negative environmental impacts on the Great Lakes watershed. His experience inspired him to launch Oshki, transforming plastic waste from the Great Lakes and other US waterways into durable and sustainable clothing. Oshki also donates 5% of proceeds to nonprofits working to preserve the Great Lakes.

Grab your Oshki apparel here with fuelingstation15 for 15% off. 



  • Summer 2023 Internship

  • Winter Internship: Sports Sustainability Practitioner


Raleigh Loughman

  • Major - Business Administration

  • Sport - Soccer

  • Current Position - Human Resource Coordinator, Nike

  • Favorite Snack - Reese's Cup

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